Soapbox Media creates websites for small businesses and professionals that not only look great, but are clean, effective, easy to use and above all, get the result you want. With over 6 years of experience and a portfolio of 50+ clients, we stand by our legacy and our ability to create bespoke online content that will weather and adapt to the rapidly changing pace of digital technology.

Websites From Scratch

We’ve built websites using blueprints that range from book-sized style guides to 20 year old business cards to designs written on the back of a serviette. We are experts in the conceptual stage, meaning that we are experts in transforming your ideas into professional, functional websites. With proper communication and advice, we can build a successful website from the smallest idea.

Soapbox Media also offers domain registration and website hosting for businesses that do not have both already.

Upgrades & Renovations

As well as building websites from the ground up, Soapbox Media offers upgrades and renovations to already existing businesses. This can range from a new logo or colour scheme or a complete rework based on the already existing website design.

Flat Fees

Some web developers gouge clients by padding their hours and charge exorbitant monthly fees for clients being able to access their own websites . At Soapbox we charge an upfront, flat fee for websites which guarantees complete ownership and free ongoing support after the website has been completed.

Our website packages also includes training in the use of our Content Management System so you can control and update your own site.

Social Media Integration

We recognise that a presence on social media can be as essential to success as a website. Our websites can be fully integrated with your existing social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Mobile Friendly

A website that is easy to use and pleasant to look at while using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device is essential. With the rapid pace of technological change, a website that was functional ten years ago can be made obsolete simply because people are now looking at it with a much smaller screen. Our websites are built with mobile devices in mind, using responsive design so your website is functional in any size or resolution.